Sunday, February 8, 2009

The World's Tallest Hotels

The United States was once synonymous with having the largest incarnation of just about anything you could think of - whether it was the world's largest ball of string or the tallest free-standing structure on the planet. However, out of the top ten current tallest buildings in the world, Uncle Sam has only two structures, neither of which sits in the top slot. That honour is held by Taiwan, whose Taipei 101 structure measures a lofty 509m in height, almost 70m taller than Chicago's Sears Tower, the United States' tallest building.
While Taiwan can claim to have the world's largest industrial building, Dubai can lay claim to having the world's tallest hotel. In fact, Dubai is home to three out of the top ten world's tallest hotels with the Rose Tower - despite still being under construction - the tallest at a height of 333 metres. When construction began, the Rose Tower was supposed to reach 380 metres - the height of the Empire State Building. However, design modifications led to its projected height being reduced, and while it is still under construction, the honour of tallest hotel is unofficial.


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