Thursday, June 4, 2009

Negros Oriental's Pride - Antulang Beach Resort

Hotel Beach Resort

In the history of the Philippines, Antulang Beach Resort was the first resort to offer pool villas to their guests. It offers first class rooms which simply means that these rooms have their own jacuzzis. The luxury is breathtaking and the space is more than anyone expects! All of the rooms are made out of Canadian pinewoods which blends with the natural beauty the place possesses. Antulang Beach Resort can be reached through buses which will take 45 minutes of travel from Dumaguete City, the Capital City of Negros Oriental.

How to get there...

Antulang Beach Resort is under the Municipality of Siaton which is an hour of travel from Dumaguete City. And if you are worried on how to get there, worry no more! If you are a foreigner, there are three ways how to get to Antulang Resort.

First, you need to catch a plane for Manila; the capital city of the Philippines. Once you are in the Philippines, specifically in Manila, try to book for a flight going to Dumaguete City or Negros Oriental. There are only two commercial airports in Negros Province; it is either in Dumaguete City for Negros Oriental and Bacolod City for Negros Occidental. Now, while you are in Manila, you can try to book for Antulang Beach Resort through their outlet; just try to ask the tourism office in the airport. For sure they have all the numbers of all possible destinations of tourists. You better rely on tourism offices than taxi drivers because Philippines focused more on tourism nowadays while taxi drivers just want to make money. However, if you don't have enough time to book for Antulang Beach Resort, just take the flight for Negros Oriental or Dumaguete City; it is just an hour away from Manila through planes.


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