Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whitesands Mombasa Beach Hotel- Top Kenya African Beach Hotel Kenya


Whitesands hotel in Mombasa Kenya

Accommodating up to 700 people, this is the largest resort hotel on the Kenyan Coast. This low-rise complex is widely spread out on well maintained and spacious grounds. There is a clean and exotic flavor to white sands-yards of cool white marble, rows of arches and a wonderful use of water. Public areas seem to float on aquatic gardens, bridges cross meandering swimming pools, and birds dip into lily ponds, shattering arabesque reflections.
There is an attractive beach wide front with lawns and tall palms. Many of the rooms overlook the ocean and the beach.

Service and facilities at the Whitesands Mombasa

White sands give the impression of well-maintained and efficient operation. There are many standard resort facilities and activities, as well as some more unusual offerings such as Swahili lessons and events like coconut tree climbing. There are three attractive swimming pools and a fun water slide. A separate entertainment pavilion doubles as a late night disco. Whitesands has a popular conference center with the local and international organizations based in Nairobi.

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